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A biometric passport carries biometric information linking a person to their passport. Biometric verification can be used at border controls and to check that the image on a passport renewal application matches the image we hold on record.

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If you are thinking of renewing your UK passport from Spain then let our team of experts help you with your application. Renewing passports from abroad can be stessful so we have gathered all the information you will need to fill out a successful passport form.

Our team will then review your form to make sure it meets the required biometric requirements and submit it for you.

General UK Passport InformationAs provided by

Renewing your passport

A fully completed C1 application form for adults or C2 application form for under-16s (see C1 or C2 application form notes for guidence on completing forms). You must sign well within the signature box and ensure that the form is subsequently countersigned by a person of suitable standing (see our page on Photos & countersignatories for more details). You must also include your most appropriate daytime telephone contact number/s and your local address in Spain.

Two passport size photos meeting official passport photo standers one of which must also be endorsed by the countersignatory. You will find more details in our section on Photos & countersignatories. There you will also find lists of professional photographers used frequently in Spain.

Your current passport. The old passport will be cancelled and returned to you with the replacement. To renew a passport we do not need to see your birth certificate, nor do we need to see any other means of identification, unless any of your details on the bio-data (back page of your passport) have changed, such as change of surname through marriage

The biometric passport fees and courier fee. All applications submitted by post or courier must be paid for by Mastercard or Visa credit and debit cards by printing a copy of our Card payment authorisation form, filling in your card details as instructed on the form and endorsing this with your application. Please note* Visa Electron debit cards issued by Portuguese banks cannot be used for postal transactions. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available to pay using your card or your application will be returned to you and you will be charged extra to cover additional postage.

Submitting your application

PRS will collect your application form from your home or you can drop off the application form to our Benidorm office.

We aim to process all our routeen passport applications within ten working days from receipt of a fully completed and correct application, including all the requirements set out in the checklist. We do not offer a fast track service for passports and cannot bring forward your application for a passport except in the most extreme compassionate circumstances such as a death, accident or serious injury. If this is the case, please mark your travel date on the front of the application form and enclose evidence of the compassionate circumstances requiring your urgent travel, ie a note from your doctor.

Change of name

If you are a married woman and wish to have your new passport issued in your married name, you must send your current UK passport and your marriage certificate along with the application form.

If you are a married/devorced woman and wish to revert to your maiden name, you must send your marriage certificate and make a declaration on your form that you wish to revert to your maiden name for all intents and purposes. We do not need to see your original birth certificate or your devorce decree. The marriage certificate is the only document that contains both the maiden name and the married name and therefore connects the two identities.

If your name has changed otherwise than by adoption or marriage you must provide documentary evidence that your name has been changed for all purposes. An official deed poll drawn up by a lawyer and/or statutory declaration together with at least three other documents and the new identity must be submitted with your application.

Free passports for war verterans

In regognition of their efforts during World War II, the Home Office announced on May 19 2004 that all British Citezens born on or before 02/02/1929 would be eligible for gratis passports.

Completed (04 forms, not C1 form) applications received in Madrid will be forwarded to the UK Passport Service office in Liverpool where they will be processed. On average the applications will take approximately 6-8 weeks to process. We advise applicants to bear this time frame in mind when making any travel plans. If you choose not to wait, or need to travel urgently, please see "Renewing your Passport".

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